Back to School

The Kiwanis Clubs of Division 9 (Kiwanis GTA) are proud to work together with Staples stores across the GTA and new Greater GTA , on their “Start to Smart” School Drive to “Help Students, work.learn.grow” through their programs.

Kiwanis Ontario Back to School program

Kiwanis Clubs of Ontario (Kiwanis Divisions 2-13) are very happy to announce our 2020 Back To School Program in partnership with Staples Canada and other community partners across Ontario.

This program is intended to work with schools and local educational organizations to help bring school supplies to students in need.

Kiwanis Clubs of Ontario Divisions are also very happy to announce an expansion of their relationship with the Staples Stores in Ontario. Many clubs and stores have worked together for many years and this expanded partnership will cover all Kiwanis clubs and all Staples stores.

“Your donations help local Kiwanis clubs support back-to-school supplies needed across Ontario”

Teachers Buying Supplies

This program will be primarily funded by Staples stores in Ontario through their “Start to Smart” school drive program, where they will be asking every customer to support the program through checkout donations. Kiwanis clubs will be directing these donations to the schools and community organizations most in need. Other donations are also gratefully received.

How can you help!, just Donate $2 next time you go to your local Staples.

Kiwanians all across, Ontario and around the Toronto area are working with Staples to deliver school supplies to schools, teachers & students, who need them the most.